Otvorena 11. Smotra izviđača Hrvatske

A few moments ago, the 11th Croatian Scout Exhibition was officially opened in the center of Lovinac.

In the 11 days of the program, more than 2,000 scouts from Croatia and the world will gather, making this event the largest multi-day gathering of children and youth in Croatia.

Of the 2,000 participants present, 250 scouts are from:

Ukraine, France, Israel, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

Participants from Croatia come from 50 scout associations across the country.

Sleeping is organized in the tents of about 30 scout camps organized throughout Lovinac.

For the entire duration of the Show, the program is divided into 9 knowledge centers;  - survival, mountaineering, cycling, rescue, natural history, wooden constructions, sailing, archeology, and astronomy.

It is also important to point out that more than 50 volunteer actions will be organized during the entire Fair, in which scouts will help the local community.

More than 100 different activities have been organized throughout the county, through which participants will get to know the Lovinac region and southern Lika, from the Cerovački caves to the highest peaks of the Velebit.

The motto of the 11th Fair is "Skills for Life - Roadmap for a Better World", and as part of the Fair, the Festival of Life Skills will be held from July 29 to August 1 and will be open to the public.

We hereby invite you to take that weekend and join that youth in wonderful Lovinac and learn the skills for which there is always a moment when they are needed.

As part of the festival, the following will take place:

- Day of Technical Culture (July 29), in cooperation with the Croatian Community of Technical Culture

- Civil Protection and Operational Forces Day (July 30), in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Protection, the Croatian Red Cross and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, and the DVD Velebit Lovinac

- European Day and celebration of the European Year of Youth in cooperation with the Office of the European Parliament in Croatia, the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia and the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs

- Climate Day (August 1), in cooperation with the US Embassy, ​​the Embassy of Israel, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

Information and registrations for the activities of the Festival for Life can be found at

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