If you were thinking of going on vacation or just a short getaway from the city to nature and just lazing around, now you will surely change your mind. From now on you can casually come to Lovinac, on Cvituš and there you will find a choice that will be your only problem. What to choose?

Good condition means a bicycle!

Casual cycling and enjoying with a little help, for you is an e-bike! (which doesn't mean you're out of shape of course)

A special experience on 4 wheels, with expert guidance and newly discovered beauties - you are for the quad!

The newly opened LikaBike in Lovinac next to the restaurant and picnic area Cvituša has everything listed in its offer with another great opportunity - if you are anywhere in Lika-Senj County and want to spend a day on one of these three traffic, LikaBike will deliver to your desired location.

No more excuses .... just a choice!

We are waiting for you at LikaBike!

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Lovinac Tourism Forum - Likabike quad
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Likabike1
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Likabike 2
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Likabike quad-2
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Likabike velebit
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Quad avantura
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Lika quad
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Likabike velebit-2
Lovinac Tourism Forum - Quad avantura-2
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