Marking the hiking trail to Trovrh

Trasiranje planinarske staze na Trovrh

Vranik and Vranik field has its own crown and is still an undiscovered gem. Locally known as Trovira - Trovrh is a peak in the Lika highlands 1234 m high.

In the municipality of Lovinac there are 3 marked hiking trails - Krč-Sveto Brdo; Raduč - Bunovac - Malovan; Trkulje - Zir. With the initiative of the Heart of Velebit, with the support of the Lovinac Tourist Forum, the Cvituša picnic area, and the Sveti Rok hostel, we will soon get another one that will enter the official hiking trails of Croatia.

Members of  Croatian Mountaineering Association Zagreb - Matica, have been several times in reconnaissance and searching for suitable trails that lead to Trovrh.

In the second half of this month, a group of mountaineering mountaineers will set off again on Trovrh, marking/marking the hiking trail.

The maintenance of the trail itself has been agreed with HPD Lusac from Gračac, which is a guarantee that the trail will be able to be used throughout the year, ie when the weather conditions allow it.

As this year Lovinac is the host of the great Croatian Scout Festival at the end of July, hard-working young scouts have decided to give their contribution to the emergence of a new mountaineering adventure. During their stay in Lovinac, they will take part in clearing and cleaning the ascent to Trovrh.

We are looking forward to this valuable action that will expand the offer of the Lovinac region and enrich the mountaineering map of Croatia.

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