Završena akcija uređenja šetnice i XCO staze Cvituša

On Sunday, April 11, 2021 the action we announced was held: clearing, cleaning, and marking the promenade and XCO bike path Cvituša.

Now the contours of the trail itself are clear, passable, and ready to welcome walkers and agile cyclists. The trail itself is 4 kilometers long and offers beautiful views of Lovinac, Sveti Rok, Velebit, Cerje, and Ričice.

Members of the association Srce Velebit, whose initiative and their great response, about 20 of them, had the great help of Mr. Ivan Matijevic, who joined the action with 11 of his electricians. We worked in a good atmosphere with a full heart, aware that we have enriched the Lovinac region with this content.

This fulfills the condition for holding the already announced XCO National Championship "Srce Velebit - Cvituša" on July 18, 2021.

Take a walk along the path to the chapel of St. Anthony, enjoy the view and you will be convinced that the national championship that awaits us will be very exciting and full of action!

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