CVITUŠA promenade and bicycle path

Šetnica i biciklistička staza CVITUŠA

A new commendable initiative of the Heart of Velebit Association is a promenade - a hiking trail and a bike trail that will reach the top of Cvituša!

The trail is 3,100 m long and will be included in the cycling maps under the name XCO CVITUŠA.

The start of the walk/bike ride is at the Cvituša picnic area and since the trail will be circular, you will end up again where you started, but now you deserve a cold Lika beer and maybe a pizza with dried trout from the river Gacka.

If you go for a walk and your goal is to reach the top, there is a chapel of St. Ante built back in 1843.

The cleaning and marking action itself is planned for the beginning of April.

Cvituša is a kind of trademark of Lovinac and with this, it will get the attention and role it deserves - to be an attraction that simply must be seen and passed! It is up to you to decide whether by walking or cycling!

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