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At the beginning of December, field research was held in the area of ​​the Municipality of Lovinac for the purpose of the EXCOVER project.

The field research was conducted by Anita Ladišić, project manager, with the help of the director of KIC Lovinac, Ana Miletić. The area of ​​the Municipality of Lovinac is included in the EXCOVER project, along with the City of Gospić and the Municipality of Perušić. For the purpose of the research, about twenty interviews were conducted with persons directly or indirectly related to tourism in the Municipality of Lovinac.

The project EXCOVER - Experience, Discover & Valorise Hidden Treasure Towns and Sites of the Adriatic Area is funded through the INTERREG cross-border cooperation program Italy - Croatia. Public institution development agency of Lika-Senj County - LIRA is a leading partner in the EXCOVER project. The purpose of the project is to identify innovative solutions for the development of tourism in small towns with valuable local values ​​that have a small number of tourist visits and reduce the gap between existing resources and the number of tourists and contribute to better territorial and seasonal distribution of tourist visits in Croatia and Italy.

The aim is to identify and map cultural heritage and other potential attractions in collaboration with local people and experts.

Mapping existing or potential centers of creativity and production (eg craft workshops, museums, archives, cultural information centers, or any other places related to tangible and intangible heritage) is important because they are the key to narrating local specificity, history and culture. . In this way, tourists can experience selected areas with the help of the local community, as well as discover new routes off the beaten track.

The development of off-road tourist attractions, where the welcome is entrusted to the hands of the local population, encourages the development of (micro) entrepreneurial initiatives inspired by the concept of widespread hospitality, which is able to respond to diversity and many forms of tourism-related to niche tourism. EXCOVER encourages the involvement of local people in the sharing economy, where through various platforms residents can offer various products or services that help tourism development and complement the tourism offer (eg Airbnb for accommodation or Uber / Blablacar for transport, etc.).

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