Summer in Lika

Ljeto u Lici

Life has set us new rules, introduced changes that we have accepted and adapted to the new norm, but in spite of everything, we all desperately need a break! Going out of town and crowd to a place with even more crowds, parking problem, hard to find a place to drink coffee .... is it a vacation? In a way, it has its charms, it's a different crowd, but it is indisputable that it is a time when every action and decision of ours puts health first, which means - by protecting ourselves we protect others. It is an ideal opportunity and time to plan a vacation in a healthy environment with a wide range of possibilities!

Needless to say, choosing the location where we want to spend our vacation time is the first decision we make, it is important what it offers, what kind of food we will eat, where we will sleep and what kind of experience awaits us! Accommodation is the last decision but no less important. The Lovinac area abounds in comfortable accommodation that will satisfy your needs, a space for children's safe play, surrounded by nature!

Do you want to laze with swimming and sunbathing? Choose a beach on the clear sub-Velebit sea or swimming on Lake Sv. Rok!

750 km of bike trails guarantee you activities and diversity of beautiful landscapes - for the more experienced Velebit and for recreational people on the plains!

Horseback riding, adrenaline park ... too short a vacation for all possibilities!

Destination Lovinac is located in the center (60 km) of 5 national and nature parks that are among the pearls of the Croatian tourist offer. From Lovinac you can experience all this beauty in a week.

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • National Park Paklenica
  • National Park Kornati
  • National Park North Velebit
  • National Park Slapovi Krke
  • Park Prirode Velebit

Come, meet, experience Lika, the green heart of Croatia!