A meeting of the ACCOMMODATION category

Održan sastanak kategorije SMJEŠTAJ

On Saturday 07.03.2020. in the hostel Sveti Rok, a meeting of the accommodation category was organized by the Lovinac Tourist Forum.

The high turnout is an indicator of interest in increasing and improving this activity.

The task of achieving competitiveness in the large market of service activities as well as the recognizability of the destination has been set, and this is exactly what gives the entirety of the tourist offer and the contents of the destination.

The Lovinac area already abounds in quality accommodation, but precisely because of its competitiveness - the goal is to maintain and increase the number of accommodation capacities. Continental tourism is on the rise and there is a growing demand for accommodation, good gastronomy and active holidays. Our destination has a unique location - close to the sea, national parks, the beauty of nature, Velebit, and the opportunities it offers, and therefore in itself imposes year-round tourism.

Various topics have been opened:

  • Capacity increase
  • Additional offers
  • Additional contents
  • Marketing and digitization
  • Funding issues
  • Starting a business
  • Events as a recognizable destination
  • Mutual cooperation

It is obvious that the topic was not missing, which is a confirmation that meetings of this kind are necessary and welcome.

The plan of the Lovinac Tourist Forum is to hold as many meetings as possible on current topics.

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