The source of wisdom of St. Rok

Vrilo mudrosti Sv. Rok

At the Spring of Wisdom, the NS Foundation, in addition to restoring and protecting the spring itself, also envisages the construction of a pavilion that will serve as a starting point on the Lika side of the Master Road.

The first phase of the adaptation of the Spring of Wisdom has been completed and the second phase, the construction of the pavilion, is planned to be completed in the second half of 2020.

In addition to this spring, in an environment of 700 m, there are two other springs (Crkveno and Šarića spring) that can be connected by one promenade (SPA Lika Botanica) and give visitors an oasis of the murmur of a stream, the scents of immortelle and the chirping of birds to whom it is a natural habitat.

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