Cycling race - Heart of Velebit and Croatian Cycling Federation

Biciklistička utrka - Srce Velebita i Hrvatski biciklistički savez

The heart of Velebit has already included Lovinac as an unavoidable destination for cyclo tourism. An excellent event that has its jubilee this year, has also been recognized by the Croatian Cycling Federation. In September this year, on the last day of the autumn cycling race, 12.09. the official race of Croatia will also be held. Association Srce Velebit in cooperation with the Sports Association of the Municipality of Lovinac will organize a real treat of cycling, with the official title:




In more detail - just to create impatience - because we can:

CATEGORIES                                                        TRAILS

  • Elite M, Elite W, Master 1, Sport                         A – 72 Km
  • Master 2,3,4, Master W                                       B – 46 Km
  • Junior M/W, Hobby 1 (M/W)                              B – 46 Km
  • Hobby 2 (M/W)                                                    C – 32 Km
  • U17 M/W                                                               B – 32 Km

Not to be too impatient, we invite you to be ready for this race and get ready for the first cycling race of this year, which will take place in May.

Applications have already started so hurry up and book your place at:

You can study the details of all the trails -

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